Video de skate – Skate 3 is still the Best…

You can still get the game today.
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“Skate 3 is still the Best Skateboarding Game Ever Made.”
Skate 3 is everything a skater ever wanted in a videogame. Skate 3 wether you agree or not it will definitely be just as legendary of a game as the tony hawk pro skater games. It doesn’t have the nostalgic value yet but time will pass. The only hope skateboarders have for skate 4 is a new game called session. Since skate 4 will never come skate 3 was the last game in this series, that’s why I think it deserved a tribute. Session is our only hope though. Skate 3 is used by skaters all over the world to feed our skateboarding addiction. Skateboarders even play the game while they could also be skating. Sometimes even play this game rather than skate. Actually not only even skateboarders enjoy this game but the rest of the world aswell. On all platforms it has sold over 4.7m copies in total.
This game truly shows the love of skateboarding. A game made together with skaters for skaters.

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