Video de skate – Sky youngest girl to skat…

Sky`s runs at the Huntington Vans US Open,
Sky was so Honored to just be there, She has been watching and frothing on the womens contest (surfing too) every year since she can remember.. and to be able to skate in it, and be the youngest girl to have ever skated it, was a real precious treasure in her life..
As her Dad I wished she could have had a few more practice runs, before the contest started because she had no idea of what lines, or what she was gonna do or where she was gonna go in that park hahahha.. But SKY didnt care, she just was Sooo happy to skate with her favorite PRO skaters. and skate that awesome Park for those few runs.. What an Amazing experience.
Big Thanks to Neal Hendrix and Chris Pastras for the Kind words for Sky.. and Thankyou to Vans Pro Series and Cindy Whitehead for making this happen… ‪#‎Dreamscometrue‬. Sky hopes to surf and Skate in this contest very soon.. Watch This Space!!

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