Video de skate – SKATE 4 DID NOT GET ANNOU…

It’s a sad reality guys, but Skate 4 did not get announced at E3 2018 or EA Play.
Also please don’t misunderstand the video. I want Skate 4 just as much as the next loyal Skate fan, but at this point I would stop thinking about Skate 4, untill we might see an official trailer from EA of Skate 4. Until that I’ll be focusing my energy on Session, the game that’s been called Skate 4 many times, but has actually moved far from what Skate is about and has really done it’s own awesome thing with the free flip mode as an example.
Would Skate 4 even be a great game with EA making it? Will you still actively hope Skate 4 is coming later or where do you stand on this boring EA conference from E3 2018?

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