Video de skate – Skate 3 Exploding Skater …

This is what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks, I hope you have fun with it! Unpatching instructions below.

Hippy Jump Glitch – 1:30
Board Swing Glitch – 2:02
Board Swing To Superdude – 2:32
Bench Grab Nose Manual Glitch – 3:44
Run-Out Grab Glitch – 4:51
Rolling Grab Glitch – 6:33
Glitchy Geometry and Props – 7:51
Superdude glitch – 10:45
Superdude glitch at Aletown – 11:38

How to unpatch Skate 3 on PS3:

0. Make sure you have access to the PSN account you bought your DLC with. If you don’t, you’ll lose it forever (or at least until you buy it again).
1. Go to Game – Game Data Utiliy (NOT saved data)
2. Delete both «Skate 3» and «Skate 3 DLC» from this folder
3. Go online, and redownload the DLC you own from the PSN store. (This will keep you from losing your character if he has DLC items, as well as giving you all of the DLC unpatched, except for the sanitarium)
4. It is recommended you disconnect from the internet before starting Skate 3 again.

Unpatching Skate 3 on the 360 requires you to delete the system cache (google «xbox 360 clear cache» to find out how), which can have unintended side effects for other games. It won’t delete your saves or DLC, and all of your other games should be fine as long as you make sure to update them before you play them.

Again, if you have the Xbox 360 downloadable version, you don’t need to unpatch it.


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