Video de skate – 5+ YEARS OF PAINFUL SKATE…

So i’ve been filming jakub since we started skateboarding in 2015. We’ve made a lot of videos together, these are some of his best and worst times. I’ve never seen anyone learn so fast or be able to take a slam as hard as jakub can…


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🛹Are you new to skating and want to learn everything? I have made so many tutorials on all the basic tricks and some more advanced tricks on this channel. Watch them all and learn how to skate, it’s literally the most fun thing i’ve ever done. I hope they can help you guys out and get you skating more..

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For filming i use GoPro alot, usually the GoPro Hero 7 Black. The 8 is newer and better but it doesn’t matter too much use whatever you got. I also film alot on my Canon G7X Mark ii, it’s probably the easiest camera to use and looks good most places. Sometimes when its not windy i get to use my Mavic Mini, its so fun to fly and looks great when the weather is nice. For editing i use Premier Pro and a 2015 Macbook Pro that is really on its way out, so if anyone works at apple… send me new one plz. If you guys are looking to get into youtube or making videos for anything, i’ll link everything i use below. Using these links helps support me to create more videos.

💻 the laptop i use
📸the camera i use
📸the gopro i use
📸the gopro mount i use
📸the tripod i use
🚁the drone i use
📱the phone i use
🛹the electric board i use

🎵I get a lot of my music from soundcloud but i also use Epidemic sound to find music for my videos. If you want to try it out use my link, it’s really useful for creators.

🏠Ever used airbnb? use my code for that and get $40 off your first stay, anywhere in the world.

🛹 for skateboards i get all my stuff from my local shop ozzys, if you guys are from scotland you probably know them. they support this channel so much and help me make these videos. if you guys are from scotland show them some love. but if your from anywhere else here’s some good skateboard recommendations.

I always skate 8.25 skateboards, good for transition, flipping and cruising.

usually 52 ish sized wheels and usually spitfire, slidey but not too slidey and don’t flatspot.

i get my griptape from a company called slowpoke it’s so cool.

trucks, thunder works best for me. turn good, grind good and look good.

bearings, bones reds are perfectly fine but you can get more expensive if you can.

Hardware is all the same but allen are usually easier to assemble.

Shoes are very personal preference, i usually go for shoes that look cool even if they don’t last very long. vans are my favourite for skating and non skating, but adidas and nike are also cool. I’ve made a bunch of 100 kickflip videos and show reviews if you want to learn what’s good / bad.

Questions people ask me all the time….
Q – what’s that scar on your arm from?
A – whale bite.

Q – What does spleen mean?
A – who?

Q – How old are you?
A – i 3 when lord of the rings 1 came out.

Q – favourite trick to do?
A – i really like backside 5050s. Kickflips are better than heel flips and i think always will be. I like tricks that i can finish in some sort of pivot or slide and hear my wheels skrrr across the ground

Q – How long have you been skating?
A – around 5 and a half years now.

Q – When did you start skating?
A – when i was 16.

Q – can i have a shoutout?
A – be super active on all my videos and posts everywhere and i will notice you.

Q – where do you live?
A – Scotland, in a very small town called arbroath. But it’s got a cool skatepark that’s never busy.

ask me more stuff in the comments if you want to know anything.

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If you read all of this, comment the word spleen letter by letter. ill heart them all.


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